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Online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
Notice Concerning the Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program - April 1, 2019
Unfortunately, Self-Management BC will no longer be able to provide the "Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program." 
The program has been available through an organization called Canary Health and they recently informed organizations around the world that they would no longer be able to provide the program. This was unfortunate news to us in BC because we had been having good sucess in delivering this program. There is no indication of "if" or "when" the online program will be available again.
People interested in participating in a self-management program are encouraged to look over the group self-management programs (Chronic Pain, Chronic Conditions, Diabetes and Cancer) on our website or inquire about the Self-Management Health Coach Program (a one-to-one telephone coaching program). Also, you can call our office at 604-940-1273 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767 or email selfmgmt@uvic.ca and get the information you are after or ask to speak with the program coordinator that is working in the area where you live.
Patrick McGowan, PhD
Program Director